• Service and Repair your KIC, LG, DEFY, Samsung, Bosch, Whirlpool, Fridgemaster or Hisense Fridge or Freezer with Appliance Repairs Pretoria East.
  • These combination fridges generally make use of a frost free system to increase the efficiency of the compressor / evaporator ratio. In short the frost free refrigeration system makes use of heater elements, fans, and electronic sensors that are monitored and controlled by the incorporated pc board to regulate the temperature inside your fridge or freezer.
  • Common faults reported by our customers include freezer not freezing, fridge is not cold enough, not making ice, fridge is freezing food, etc.
  • Appliance Repairs Pretoria East offers service, maintenance and repairs to side by side fridges. Occasionally fault finding on these fridges are more time consuming then conventional fridges as the technician has to check every component individually prior to making an accurate diagnosis.
  • Most of the newer models make use of a hydrocarbon refrigerant which is a flammable refrigerant and requires specialized tools for certain repair tasks. It is advised not to refill these units on-site as there is a very real fire hazard involved. Prior to regassing these units one needs to purge the system of all the flammable gas, only then can the drier filter be replaced and the system evacuated of all moisture. It is strongly advised to do this in a workshop environment but its not impossible to do it on site, it would however be more costly to have this repair done correctly on site as the time spent by a qualified technician to monitor the fridge or freezer after evacuating the system is not extremely productive.
  • It is advised to work on these appliances in workshop conditions as tooling and diagnostic equipment required to repair these fridges are extremely sensitive and require a steady power supply to run safely and effectively. 
  • Glass front and display fridges require scheduled preventative maintenance to ensure the longevity of these fridges.
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