• Appliance Repair Pretoria East will service and maintain your Scotsman, Icetronic or Manitowoc ice-machine. If your ice machine is not performing to the standard you are accustomed to, please ensure that you have it seen to by a professional.
  • Light commercial and commercial machines are designed with a certain amount of planned preventative maintenance, neglecting this maintenance could be costly in the long run.
  • Prior to contacting us to repair your Icetronic, Scotsman or Manitowoc ice-machine. Please check the following:
    • Ensure your ice-machine is connected to clean source of water.
    • Ensure your ice-machine is plugged in to its own power outlet.
    • Check that nothing is stuck between the ice tray and the protection cover.
    • Do a visual inspection for any obvious cause.
  • Please ensure that nobody makes adjustments to any settings or sensors on the ice-machine. We respect the fact that you would like to repair the ice-machine yourself but by making adjustments to the machine it complicates our diagnosis of the route cause of your ice-machine's fault.
  • "Topping-up" of refrigerant on Scotsman, Icetronic and Manitowoc ice-machine's is not recommended, this is due to the fact that most of these ice-machine's make use of blended refrigerants. the correct way to refill the refrigerant on these ice-machine's would be to remove all the old refrigerant, flush the system, replace the drier filter, evacuate the system of all moisture and only the can the refrigerant be replaced.


  • Unfortunately we do not offer any service or repairs to small countertop icemakers.
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