• These machines are designed for use in the domestic environment but generally have a larger capacity than front loader washing machines.
  • Most of the smaller top loader machines are also controlled by an incorporated pc board which controls water level, temperature, soaking time, spin speed etc. unfortunately these machines are overloaded often which drastically reduce the serviceability of these washing machines
  • Since 1952 Speed Queen automatic washing machines have been available for your laundry needs. Speed Queen owners will be first to admit that once you have become accustomed to the capacity and reliability of these machines, it is near impossible to adjust to a smaller washing machine. Speed Queen has truly set the bench mark for Top Loader washing machines.
  • That said these machines still require maintenance to keep them serviceable. Making use of a mechanical timer its vulnerability to power surges etc. is greatly reduced. However there are still other mechanical parts incorporated in these machines that need routine maintenance. Top loader machines make use of a gearbox, clutch, drive belt and motor to do the laundry. These are all purpose built parts for specific models with some service parts being interchangeable.
  • Common faults reported by customers on top loader washing machines include noisy machines, loose pulsators, drum noisy when stopping, machine is leaking water, stuck on one cycle, not filling with water, lid is stuck, motor not running, not spinning, not draining water, etc.
  • APPLIANCE REPAIR PRETORIA EAST offer maintenance, service and repairs to all makes of top loader washing machines. We employ a Speed Queen Factory trained technician with over 15 years of experience on Speed Queen top loader washing machines.
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