Appliance Repair Pretoria East specialize in repairing all your commercial and domestic appliance needs. The company was established in 1992. Our success is based on professionalism honesty and a high regard of business ethics. Through quality workmanship at affordable rates we at Appliance Repair Pretoria East can build lasting relationships with our customers, ensuring that once our customers have made use of our services, they will very rarely enquire with other repair companies for related services.

Today’s Appliances have evolved into sophisticated hi-tech equipment therefore, at Appliance Repair Pretoria East, Technicians are required to update their knowledge of the latest technology in the appliance repairs market on an on-going basis.

Appliance Repair Pretoria East endeavours to make use of the old experienced hands in the labour market, thus reintroducing and retraining younger technicians with the long forgotten fundamentals and science of thoroughly testing appliances, prior to jumping to conclusions and misdiagnosis. This being the reason why we prefer to repair off-site

Commercial Refrigeration/Glass front/Under counter/Cold rooms - due to demand we have now also established a specialized section to accommodate our commercial and retail customer needs for routine service and maintenance to their commercial refrigeration units.

Our Aim

Our aim is to keep it simple and avoid customer aggravation due to the already unpleasurable inconvenience at hand.

We aim to call at your property at a time and day which is suitable to you.Given the option of On-Site repair by a Technician or the Collect to Quote diagnostic done by an in-house Engineer we aim to diagnose and discuss problems / procedure and rectification there-off with you.

On-Site Repairs versus Collect to Quote

Primarily an On Site repairs will be done by replacing a faulty component and a rudimentary compliance test.

Collect to Quote provides our resident technicians the opportunities to bench test the appliance and rectify the cause of the problem. As the technician with his assistant is able to bench test a number of items simultaneously, costs are greatly contained and rarely exceed On-Site repairs.

We empower and promote a few sister appliance repair companies, this being the reason we can guarantee our expertise and availability -




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