• Designed for general use in domestic environments, these machines offer an economical means to wash the laundry.
  • Most of the newer models have a variety of washing cycles that determine the water level, temperature, soaking time, spin speed etc. these cycles are all monitored by a combination of electro-mechanical switches and electronic sensors. The monitoring switches and sensors transmit signal to the incorporated pc board of the machine. Based on the signals received, the pc board adjusts parameters in accordance with the pre-selected washing cycle.
  • Common faults reported by customers include machine not filling with water, not spinning, noisy machines, not draining water, washing still wet after spinning, not heating water, door stuck, leaking water at the door, etc.
  • APPLIANCE REPAIR PRETORIA EAST offer maintenance, service and repairs to all makes of front load washing machines. General Service items on these machines are circulation pumps, carbon brushes, drain pumps, door boots, solenoid valves etc. these items are mechanical wear items and should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis.
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