Depending on the fault reported by the customer, refrigeration units are tested to replicate the fault reported by the customer. Once the technician encounters the fault a diagnosis is made and the customer is the contacted with a quotation. Upon completion of the repair the unit is tested again to ensure that the diagnosis made was correct and that the unit is functioning correctly. Pressure tests are done on all fridges / freezers prior to re-gassing to ensure that all brazing joints are sealed and to confirm that there is no leakage internally.

KIC, LG, DEFY, Samsung, Bosch, Whirlpool, Fridgemaster or Hisense Fridge or Freezer

Scotsman, Icetronic and Manitowoc Ice-Machine Repair, Service and Maintain

Wine coolers make use of extremely sensitive electronic equipment to regulate the internal ambient temperature of the cooler. The electronic circuit board controls either a thermo-electric or a compressor cooled system. It is advised to have you

APPLIANCE REPAIR PRETORIA EAST service and maintain Commercial Fridges on a service contract basis as well as once off. Routine maintenance on these units include chemical cleaning of the condenser unit, circulation fan maintenance and refrigera

These fridges generally make use of an electro-mechanical thermostat that regulates the amount of time the compressor runs. By regulating the time the compressor runs it is possible to manipulate the internal ambient temperature of the fridge or f
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