Depending on the reported fault, machines are connected and run until the technician encounters the reported fault. This allows the technician to monitor all the other processes involved during the operation of the appliance. A Diagnosis is then made and only then do we contact the customer with the quotation. Upon acceptance of the quotation, we commence with the repair of the appliance. Upon completion of the repair the appliance is tested again to ensure that the diagnosis was correct and that the machine is functioning correctly.

Designed for general use in domestic environments, these machines offer an economical means to wash the laundry. Most of the newer models have a variety of washing cycles that determine the water level, temperature, soaking time, spin speed etc.

Service and Repair your LG, Samsung, DEFY, Bosch, Kelvinator, Indesit or AEG Dishwasher with Appliance Repairs Pretoria East. We offer maintenance and repairs to all types of dishwashers new or old. Please ensure that you check the following ite

These machines are designed for use in the domestic environment but generally have a larger capacity than front loader washing machines. Most of the smaller top loader machines are also controlled by an incorporated pc board which controls water

These machines are designed to do everything for you. All you need to do is to add you washing powder and fold up the laundry once it has completed its cycle. Making use of electronic switches and sensors, controlled by an incorporated pc board

APPLIANCE REPAIR PRETORIA EAST offers service, maintenance and repairs to all types of tumble dryers. Common faults on tumble dryers include blown elements, thermal overload switch malfunctions, perished fan belt, faulty door switches, blown moist
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