Appliance Repairs Pretoria East is primarily involved with the Repair, Service, Maintenance and Installation of all major domestic and commercial appliances.

With our off-site workshop we are able to keep repair costs to a minimum for our customers. This is due to making full use of our qualified and highly experienced technicians in a fully equipped and monitored workshop.

On-Site repairs are available upon request, but is not advised due to the level of expertise required to repair today's modern appliances.

Depending on the fault reported by the customer, refrigeration units are tested to replicate the fault reported by the customer. Once the technician encounters the fault a diagnosis is made and the customer is the contacted with a quotation. Upon completion of the repair the unit is tested again to ensure that the diagnosis made was correct and that the unit is functioning correctly. Pressure tests are done on all fridges / freezers prior to re-gassing to ensure that all brazing joints are seale

Depending on the reported fault, machines are connected and run until the technician encounters the reported fault. This allows the technician to monitor all the other processes involved during the operation of the appliance. A Diagnosis is then made and only then do we contact the customer with the quotation. Upon acceptance of the quotation, we commence with the repair of the appliance. Upon completion of the repair the appliance is tested again to ensure that the diagnosis was correct and tha

Repairs and Maintenance done to all Microwave Ovens, Conventional Ovens and Stoves. Appliance Repairs Pretoria East will repair your Defy, Whirlpool, Kelvinator, KIC, ARDA, Delonghi, SAMET, Univa and Zanussi oven and hob on site where possible. Some repairs like rewiring do consume more time and are therefor done off site in a fully equiped appliance workshop.LG, Samsung, Defy, Kelvinator, SHARP and Russel Hobbs Microwave Ovens are repaired by Appliance Repairs Pretoria East on a daily basis. We

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