Prevent water damage from appliances

The leakage of an appliance can lead to water damage. This can result in costly flooring replacements. How can you avoid water damage to appliances? Flood Buzz leak alarms can detect even the smallest leaks. They will alert you with an alarm that can stop extensive damage. Flood Buzz water leak detector – Learn how it can save kitchen and laundry area flooring.

Flood Buzz Leak Alarms

The Simple Way to Prevent Appliance Water Damage.

Water-using appliances are susceptible to water leaking from many sources. These leaks are often not detected and only become apparent after extensive flood damage. This article will explain how the damage to different flooring can be caused by flood alarms. Flood Buzz can also prevent water damage from appliances. Here are some common causes of appliance leaks that we all use every day.

What Appliances Can Leak Water?

Some appliance leaks are obvious right away with huge water flows, but others are slow and subtle drips that don’t get noticed immediately. Both the source and type of appliance can have an impact on the severity and cause of leaks.

Here are some examples of how common appliances can leak:

Refrigerators/freezers: A frozen or clogged defrost drain or damaged door gasket are common reasons for a refrigerator leaking water. Both of these situations can cause condensation to build up underneath the unit.
Ice machines: Leakage of the hose or water supply line can cause ice machine problems. These leaks may occur within the machine as well as near the water supply.
Dishwashers: The leakage of water from a dishwasher can often be caused by a damaged or incorrectly connected hose. Leakage points include the drain hose, valve at the disposal or sink drain, and behind the kitchen cabinets. There are also leaks where the drain hose connects with the pump. This can lead to flooring damage under the dishwasher.
Washing Machines: The drain and water intake hoses of most washing machines don’t last forever. After five years of continuous use, many machines will develop cracks and holes. You will often see the washing machine leak water underneath or behind it. Leakage can also occur if the valves connecting to the washer, sink or standpipe are damaged or rusted.

Water Damage to Kitchen & Laundry Room Flooring

If you don’t catch leaks quickly, they can cause severe damage to your floors. Subsurface damage and/or changes in the flooring material may cause expensive repairs or replacements even after the floor is dried.
These flooring surfaces are susceptible to permanent water damage:

Vinyl: While vinyl is waterproof, excessive or prolonged moisture exposure can damage vinyl flooring. It can also cause mould to form, bulge, or buckle.
Tile: The grout between tiles can be damaged by moisture, which can cause them to crack or loosen. Subflooring can become porous and can lead to mould growth and additional leaks if cracks are present.
Laminate: Water can cause cracking, warping and cupping if the laminate flooring is left exposed to water.
Hardwood: This is the most frequent form of water damage to hardwood floors. Cupping occurs when the edges curl up and leave the middle with some dip.

Benefits of Flood Buzz Leak detector

How can appliances prevent water damage? Flood Buzz Leak Detector is a water leak detector that detects water leaks and alerts you immediately. This prevents extensive water damage. The Flood Buzz can be placed in areas where there is likely to be leaking near refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers. Flood Buzz emits a loud alarm that sounds for 24 hours whenever it detects even a small leak. Flood Buzzes are protected by a 3-year internal battery that prevents costly damage to any flooring surface

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